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Sydney sider loves to get out and roam around Sydney, day and night. If you’re looking for the inside story on what’s going on in one of the most dreamed about destinations on the planet…this is the place to find out. Use this blog as your very own guide to what to do in fabulous Sydney Australia when you hit town. It’ll take you to those places that people who live here only tell their friends about. Where the best waves and coolest beaches are, which street-front café serves a great coffee, where to get fabulous food on a budget.

The list goes on and you’ll need Sydney Sider to help you figure out what to put at the top of your must-do list. Harbour beaches where you can snorkel or even learn to dive. Best harbour and beach walks. Best way to climb the Bridge. Best neighbourhood for shopping. Best markets for food and vintage clothes. Best way to get around Sydney. And lots more.