Jolie Galerie


Jolie Galerie is located in Paddington and is dedicated to children’s book illustrations. The illustration of children's books is an art and Jolie Galerie offers an Australian home to the original artwork of both Australian and French artists.

They welcome everyone, students, children and adults and they would be very pleased to share a moment together among the paintings, and the books and stories they are from. More than 200 original illustrations are available to buy, French and Australian picture books, art brooches and more.

Come and discover the life of a gallery and why illustration is an art! Buy an original artwork to extend the magic of the bedtime stories, to decorate your home with dreams and tales, to start a collection or to offer an original gift.

Jolie Galerie also offers creative sessions during regular school terms and School Holidays. This is an opportunity for your little ones to produce their own pieces of art inspired by the gallery's walls.

Jolie Galerie is currently open by appointment only.
Schedule a visit by email.

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