Vive Cooking School

Vive Cooking School is located in The Cannery, South Sydney. They offer an engaging culinary experience, with a focus on building a local community of Food Artisans.

The students get to cook, eat and learn various cooking techniques. This is a fun and engaging experience that you won't forget.

Vive works closely with local food artisans as they realised that the sourcing process of food is as equally important as the cooking process. When both sourcing and cooking is done right, everyone can take pride in sharing and enjoying quality food.

Ultimately, their aim is to transform Vive Cooking School into a platform that the students can use to become a confident and inspiring cook at home, because by being a better chef at home, it means re-gaining control over health and lifestyle, and encourages sharing great moments with friends and family around the delicious food that you prepared.

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