Jet Flight Simulator Sydney


At Jet Flight Simulator Sydney you have the choice of either Sydney's only fully integrated Combat Fighter F-18 simulator or the Airliner-737 simulator - the choice is yours.

Jump into the cockpit of the Combat Fighter F-18 Flight Simulator and get a taste of what it’s like to be a fighter pilot. The F-18 is a carrier-based multi-role attack fighter jet featuring: Air-to-air combat, Air-to-ground combat, Challenges with enemy fighters, Targeting Drones and Low level flying at high speeds.

Or be the pilot in command and take control of their Airliner - 737 flight simulator. Take your position in the captain’s seat to recreate a genuine multi crew flight deck of a jet airliner for an amazing and unforgettable experience.
Over 22,000 airports from around the world to choose from Take off and Land at your choice of airports and learn Basic Aircraft Handling Skills Get a taste of what it's like to fly a big Jet Airliner.

Jet Flight Simulator Sydney is located 20 minutes from the city and a 10 minute walk from Green Square station.

To book please visit the web site or call the number supplied.

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