Sydney Royal Easter Show

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is a celebration of Australian culture, from rural traditions to modern day lifestyles. This year marks 200 years of the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW and everyone’s invited to the Sydney Royal Easter Show for twelve days of non-stop entertainment, animal experiences and competitions, carnival rides and games, showbags, activities, samples to taste, and more than 100 food outlets to choose from. 

Held from 08 April to the 19 April 2022 at Sydney Olympic Park, it’s a fun event for all the family.

Agriculture & animal experiences

Admire the beautiful dogs at the ADVANCE Sydney Royal Dog Show, which showcases different dog breeds and competitions.

ADVANCE Sydney Royal Dog Show

ADVANCE Sydney Royal Dog Show - Credit: Royal Agricultural Society of NSW


There is the Sydney Royal Horse Show, every day of the show you can view the horses being judged on presentation, movement, and manners.

Enjoy the little piglets at the Sow and Piglet Display or enjoy some of the activities around the Sydney Royal Sheep Show, such as sheering and learn all about Australian Merino wool.

There are many more animal shows that can be experienced over the show including poultry and birds, cats, cows, alpacas, frogs, reptiles and more. Look at the full program schedule for more information.

You can take children through the 10 Shake Animal Walk where they can view award-winning animals and farmyard friends such as cows, alpacas, horses, chooks, ducks, goats and more.

Australian produce & horticulture

The Woolworths Fresh Food Dome offers an array of fresh produce such as fresh fruit, nuts, tea, chocolate, prawns, cheese, oysters, spices, spirits and an incredible assortment of the freshest our regions deliver. If its wine, chocolate coated strawberries, vegan or gluten-free treats, or Italian sauces and fresh pasta from Bianco Kitchen; then take a walk through and delight in all the wonderful produce on offer.

The Flower and Garden Pavilion offers an array of experts full of advice to get your garden growing like a dream. There are also plenty of workshops on floral design, kids’ bee hotel workshops, and Little Hands on the Land which teaches 2 to 10 years old children about agriculture.  

Competitions, arts & crafts

There are plenty of competitions to watch over the course of the show, the Woodchopping and Sawing Competition is a jaw dropping spectacle as you watch woodchips fly.

The Flower and Garden Pavilion stage offer people to take the stage and partake in a fun floral challenge where you can make your own floral display.

If you’re looking for a new pastime head to the Arts and Crafts Feature Display where you can enjoy and learn about an array of crafts such as quilting, millinery, dollmaking, handweaving, sugar art, folk art, wood turning, and a range of other incredibly creative crafts practiced in Australia.


Kids’ Carnival

The Kids' Carnival offers children and families a wonderful world of excitement, fun and entertainment. Enjoy the gentle turn of the carousel or enjoy the thrill of racing down the rainbow super slide. There are lots of rides to enjoy such as the KISS Eye, Bell’s dodgem cars, the haunted hotel, Animal Kingdom Jungle Safari, Family Log Flume and all the novelty games of Kids Street.

This year they have moved away from Carnival coupons with the introduction of the Carnival Fun Pass – you can tap to ride or play in every carnival precinct at the Show.


Every evening from 7.45 pm you can settle into the GIANTS stadium and as you journey back in time to the horse-drawn and motorcycle chariots; marvel at the magnificent hot air balloon and hold your breath as you watch the aerialists dangle beneath it.

The terror of the stunt bikes and precision driving teams is eclipsed only by the thrill of the trampolinists, who will have you gasping in awe. With so much going on you won't know where to turn.

Finally, the heart-stirring drama of the stockman's ride will settle your nerves before the skies light an impressive fireworks display, which signals the end of the show each day.