Adult Four-week Cooking Class

Wednesday 04 September 2019


Their four-week adult cooking course, is suitable for beginner and intermediate cooks alike. It is perfect for those starting out in the kitchen, all the way to avid cooks who enjoy cooking several times a week.

Beginner cooks will learn skills and techniques to put into practice at home. Intermediate cooks will build on their techniques, enrich their knowledge and build on their repertoire of go-to dishes to impress at their next dinner party!

This is a fantastic and informative course, taught in a fun and friendly environment. You will attend four sessions - one night a week for four consecutive weeks. The class will be held on the same evening for four weeks for approximately two hours thirty minutes for the first two weeks, the last two classes run approximately two hours.

Each class will focus on a different area of the meal, beginning with knife skills and safety, making quinoa and rice, different styles eggs, salads and sides then with each week progressing through Entrees, Mains and Desserts. Learn to cook four to five dishes each week cooking with different proteins such as chicken breast, salmon fillet, scallops, lamb rack, duck breast, steak.

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