Bell Bird Hill Lookout


Bell Bird Hill Lookout is a scenic view point located on the Bell's Line of Road, approximately 3.5 kilometres West North West of Kurrajong. The viewing platform offers expansive outlooks of the Sydney basin and if the weather is clear you can see Sydney in the distance day and night.

Enjoy this lookout which is 450 metres above sea level and makes for a lovely spot for a short break before continuing on with your journey. It offers visitors the perfect place to stop off on the way to Mount Tomah or to Bilpin from Sydney.

A viewing platform overlooks the East and North-east and it provides keen photographers a unspoiled view that is easy to access where the sunrise can be breathtaking.

To add to the charming Australian bush setting chiming calls of Bell Birds can usually be heard calling from trees on the hillside below. Try and spot a Bell Bird if you can

There is ample parking and public toilets are available.

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