Track Attack Open Track Day

Saturday 22 June 2019 (WEEKLY event)


The Motorsport Park at Luddenham Raceway features a purposely built circuit that is a thrilling and technical track with challenging elevation changes and plenty of technical corners to push you and your vehicle to the limits, develop your confidence and enhance your driving ability and skills, all while being in a fun, safe and controlled environment.

Track days take place both during the week and weekends and is open to anyone with a suitable vehicle to turn up and drive in a fun and informal setting.

Open Track Days are great for an inexpensive option to test out your vehicle, perform a shakedown or simply get out on track and enjoy your vehicle solo, or make a day of it with friends.

No roll cage is required, and drifting is forbidden (venue rules). A valid drivers licence is a must and your vehicle must be roadworthy (a safety check will be enforced). Helmets are mandatory as is wrist to ankle covering.

A booking isn’t always necessary but is recommended to ensure that your spot is guaranteed.

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