Aussie NightMarkets Penrith

Wednesday 27 February 2019 to Wednesday 22 January 2020 (WEEKLY event)


A family event with food, fun and shopping. Browse for a bargain or grab a meal before settling down to an evening of entertainment.

Aussie NightMarkets is a great place to enjoy some local talent, diversity and live music. The desire was to create a platform to help incubate fresh new ideas, by building opportunities for locals to own their own business by doing what they love.

Aussie NightMarkets, is the place where people come together to delight their taste buds with different flavours from around the world. A fusion of flavours, aromas and sounds fill the air, in a unique experience for Sydney locals.

Gather your friends and family for a fun night out at Aussie NightMarkets and experience all the diversity, the culture, the colourful art and most importantly indulge yourself in some delicious food from around the world.

This event is subject to cancellation in case of projected forecast, poor weather and venue availability. Check the Aussie NightMarkets Facebook page for updates.

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