Annual Nepean District Historical Society Lunch

Event dates to be confirmed: June 2020


***Latest event details are yet to be confirmed***

Each year in June, the Nepean District Historical Society holds a luncheon with a guest speaker to commemorate the day - 27 June 1789 - when Captain Watkin Tench sighted what is now known as the Nepean River.

This years Guest Speaker is Lorraine Stacker, (BA Australian History Mlitt History) Penrith City Council's Library, Manager of Research Services and Information Librarian.

Lorraine Stacker is the celebrated author of the book "Chained to the soil on the Plains of Emu : a history of the Emu Plains Government Agricultural Establishment 1819-1832" and is her topic at the Luncheon.

She is also the author of the noteworthy 2014 publication "Penrith: the Makings of a City".

The Emu Plains Agricultural Establishment operated from 11 September 1819 until 31 August 1832. This year celebrates the 200 year anniversary of this significant place in both the Nepean District and the Colony of NSW.

RSVP By June 8 2019.

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