Halloween PlantBankParty

Sunday 27 October 2019


Halloween is just around the corner! Join their scientists for an awesome and gruesome party in the labs of PlantBank.

Use the chance to become a scientist for the day and discover the amazing superpowers that nature has and how gross and gory they can be.

You will be able to watch peacock spiders, frogs and tadpoles and all kinds of crawlies at their activity stall.

Follow their activity trail and meet peacock spiders, frogs and tadpoles and all kinds of crawlies, join their witch and wizard in their potion and future reading classes and learn about the amazing research their real scientists are doing - join them in the rainforest or in the bushlands and see how they collect the coolest seeds. You will even see the biggest seed in the world!

At the end you will be a delicious trick-or- treat bag waiting for you and you even get to plant your own pumpkin.

Register to take part in their activity trail and get yourself one of their delicious trick-or-treat bags!

Dressing up is expected!

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