Wild Cat Conservation Centre


The Centre was established to enhance the plight of small cats and improve understanding of them. Of the 38 cat species, 31 are considered small cats and many of these are threatened with a real lack of knowledge about their behaviour, biology and conservation. Their key focus is to create awareness, while developing and strengthening conservation and research activities in Botswana.

Director Ben Britton has been working in Africa for over 15 years and is a Director of Mashatu Research, working on the ground in Botswana conserving wild cats and their habitat.

The Conservation Centre is home to African Serval, Caracal and the endangered Cheetah. Including the only breeding program for Cheetah in Sydney.

Their centre is not government funded, they rely largely on donations and the support of the public and community via registered not-for-profit foundation. The Foundation is listed on the Department of Environment’s Register of Environmental Organisations. Every donation is tax deductible in Australia.

Private tours of the centre can be arranged by appointment, with bookings available from Wednesday through to Sunday each week.

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