Scheyville Camp Precinct


Throughout the 20th century, the buildings and public spaces of Scheyville played host to many different people, groups and projects: a socialist labour settlement; the Dreadnought Trust’s training scheme for young British men; and farm training for Australian city boys. Scheyville even functioned for a time as a military camp. Later, it was the largest immigration hostel in Australia - this history is detailed in the Migrant Heritage walk.

Scheyville may be a national park now, but the site’s heritage is clear in Scheyville Camp precinct. Visitors can wander around old buildings and learn about the past way of life here. This is a particularly good stop for history buffs, school students, or people just looking to bookend a picnic with some light learning. Expect to find several easy walks around restored buildings from the 1920s or 50s, buildings in current restoration, or remnants of structures long since fallen.

Scheyville Camp precinct has a strong historical value, but also a strong emotional one. Residents came to the site during times of great change in their lives, as Dreadnought boys, post-World War Two migrants, or National Service Officers during the Vietnam War. The site is a legacy to these people.

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