Beer and Smoking Class (Centennial Park)

Sunday 13 October 2019


At this fun and hands on cooking class you will learn all about the art of smoking meat and make and serve a four-course meal with matching beers. The next time a dinner party comes around you'll be sure to impress!

The class will begin with a warm welcome from your chef and host, and you'll relax into the session with a beer and a snack. Throughout the cooking lesson you'll pick up some valuable tips and tricks on brining, marinating, rubbing and wood smoking and then get the chance to put them into practice as you prepare and cook smoked salmon, mackerel and Cuban beef.

They'll enjoy a delicious beer tasting session where you will gain an understanding of the different flavour profiles, and learn how it can be incorporated into cooking. They'll match four of these premium Australian craft beers to each course of the meal.

At the end of the class you'll indulge in the gourmet four-course meal cooked by you! You will leave this cooking class with confidence and the ability to recreate these mouth-watering dishes at home.

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