The Ternary


The Ternary's name originates from the Latin word ternarius - ‘consisting of three things’.

The Grill Kitchen, Asian Kitchen and Wine Bar represent the idea of a comfortable and social space where not only great food and wine is shared, but special moments too.

Their objective is to celebrate fresh produce, capturing three senses; smell, taste and sight. Executive Chef Anthony Flowers brings a contemporary approach to the menu with a focus on texture, balance, local produce and a harmony of flavours.

At The Ternary, they have the unique ability to intertwine cultures and cuisines while showcasing an impressive diversity of interactive live cooking styles. Their atmosphere is open and welcoming and serves to highlight the cooking skills and creativity of their Chefs, bringing the three Ternary pillars together and encouraging their guests to converse and engage.

After all, the best things in life are meant to be shared!

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