Merivale presents J&M, an intimate whisky bar on level two of the historic Angel Hotel, with back-entry access. J&M will first launch as a Chivas Regal showcase, bringing to life the meticulously blended flavour notes of Chivas 18 to create a unique, sensory whisky experience.

J&M is a tribute to the late, legendary Mr John and the ingenious Merivale Hemmes, and their multi-level fashion outlet House of Merivale that once stood proudly at the historic hotel.

The '60s and '70s style whisky bar serves up an up a unique menu of Speyside malt, Luxury blended, and Irish grain whiskies, specially crafted cocktails and a nostalgic food offer to complement. Beers and wines will also be on offer. It's an experience like no other with stylish barmen and waitresses, exquisite furnishings and music that will take you back in time.

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