Paddington events

  1. Free Weekly Meditation Classes in Paddington

    Wednesday 22 May 2019 to Wednesday 04 December 2019 , Paddington

    For beginners and regulars: join at any time. Finding balance in life: how to meditate at home, how to keep in balance, techniques to help reduce stress. All sessions will include guided collective meditations, video/audio lectures by…

    22 May - 04 Dec
  2. Pamela Shaw 'Naughty With a Band'

    Friday 24 May 2019 to Sunday 02 June 2019 , Paddington

    One of America’s sassiest exports, Pamela Shaw, is performing her hit show ‘Naughty With a Band’ for a limited period of time at the Paddington Townhall, Sydney. Straight from the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe Festivals, ‘Naughty With a…

    24 May - 02 Jun
  3. Private Art Lessons

    Sunday 26 May 2019 to Sunday 29 December 2019 , Paddington

    Have you or your child ever been keen to try your hand at fine art? Or are you painting but want to expand your practice to include other techniques? My classes help explore techniques and abstract theory, without restricting the…

    26 May - 29 Dec
  4. SCINEMA International Science Film Festival

    Monday 03 June 2019 to Friday 07 June 2019 , Paddington

    SCINEMA is the largest science film festival in the southern hemisphere, showcasing the best in science cinema from around the world. SCINEMA is a celebration of the power of the moving image to inspire the young, satisfy the curious,…

    03 Jun - 07 Jun
  5. Kontiki Racket

    Friday 21 June 2019 to Saturday 22 June 2019 , Paddington

    A visceral world of living and breathing new sounds, sinuous, sculptural and sizzling, in the form of a two-day festival event at Paddington Town Hall. Kontiki Racket counterpoints Ensemble Offspring with Adelaide’s celebrated string…

    21 Jun - 22 Jun