Visions of the Muse - Concetta Antico Gallery Grand Opening

Saturday 13 July 2019


Paddington is famed for its collection of independent art galleries — and it will soon add a vibrant new space to its collection. The Concetta Antico Gallery will display the work of one of the world's most colourful artists, kicking off with her latest exhibition Visions of the Muse.

Concetta Antico is world-renowned for her unique hyper-coloured oil paintings. Gifted with tetrachromacy — the scientifically endorsed condition which allows her to perceive around 100 million colours (your average Joe sees about one million) — Antico is venerated as the 'colour queen', which she channels into her paintings of flora and fauna. Over her career, Antico has sold over 1000 original works, which are held in both public and private collections worldwide.

Antico is throwing a free grand opening party. Drop by and see Antico painting live for an audience. There'll be music, food and libations to enjoy, too. It's free to attend but registration is recommended.

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