Wagons - Songs From The Aftermath Album Launch

Friday 13 September 2019


Wagons​ are making their triumphant return to the stage in 2019 releasing their first new music in five years with a new album ​Songs From The Aftermath​.

According to ​the band​, Songs From The Aftermath c​ascades through random visions and emotions, like a long road trip through the night. Wagons​ stay atop their own tidal wave of hard-hitting, outlaw inspired, swamp rock madness, still pulsing and stomping together as a joint force, with singer ​Henry Wagons​ at the helm. ​Henry​’s fierce intellect, once hurtling toward a career as a philosopher, was thankfully derailed by a record deal, a thirst for whiskey and an insatiable need to make noise, as made evident by their music and lyrics.

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