The 10 best escape rooms in Sydney

A locked door, a countdown clock and a series of fiendish puzzles – an escape room is the ultimate team challenge. Immersive, engaging and high-tech, these escape rooms across Sydney will test your skill.

Destination NSW

Destination NSW

Nov 2022 -
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Entermission Sydney - Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

Drink a shrinking potion and follow the white rabbit, go back in time to prevent Chernobyl, or play detective inside the mind of a madman. Anything is possible inside the metaverse at Entermission, where the escape room concept takes on virtual reality. It’s a completely immersive experience, with virtual reality headsets and sensors tracking your hand movements as you work as a team to solve the puzzles.  

Entermission Sydney, Sydney - Credit: Entermission Sydney

Virtual Reality Escape Room - Credit: Entermission Sydney

Mission Room Escape

Sydney’s first mechanical escape room, at Mission Room Escape the traditional puzzle-solving concept is taken to new levels with lasers and special effects. There are two venues, one on George Street and one on Pitt Street, with three rooms unique in each. Start in one of the easier rooms and work your way up to Trapped, an epic detective mystery about a lift tragedy. 

Mission Escape Room, Sydney CBD

Credit: Mission Room Escape, Sydney CBD

Narrow Escape Rooms

A smaller, family-run venue in Penrith, the rooms here offer a mix of traditional padlock and puzzles as well as high tech props. The owners create each room theme themselves, so you won’t see them replicated anywhere else. You can stop an alien invasion, steal secrets from a lab or claim your inheritance in a grand mansion. 

Group playing at Narrow Escape Rooms, Penrith

Group playing at Narrow Escape Rooms, Penrith

The Cipher Room

Founded by two self-described puzzle fanatics, almost everything you’ll find inside these escape rooms has been handmade, including the complex puzzles. They’ve also sourced furniture and materials from local vintage stores, creating a fully immersive experience. The games take you from an abandoned cabin in the woods to 1950s New York, haunted toy stores and a bunker in dystopian France. 

The Cipher Room - Credit: Tim Clapham, Salix Reed Pty Ltd

The Cipher Room - Credit: Tim Clapham, Salix Reed Pty Ltd

Virtual Room Sydney: Virtual Reality Escape Room

Another virtual reality experience, you’ll be solving puzzles inside a full 3D cinematic environment, made possible by state-of-the-art VR headsets. Travel through space or back in time, tackle zombie hordes in the future or step through the screen into a living arcade game. 

Escape Hunt Sydney

Step back in time to 1920s Sydney as you try to solve a robbery of the Bank of Australia or the assassination of the leader of the infamous Razor Gang. The rooms at Escape Hunt offer a unique approach to uncovering local history and learning about some of the colourful characters of Sydney legend. They also offer outdoor escape rooms, where teams use an iPad, augmented reality and geolocation to race through the city streets. 

Cracking the codes at Escape Hunt Sydney

Cracking the codes at Escape Hunt Sydney

PaniQ Room Escape

A classic panic room experience with four themed rooms, a ticking clock and just your wits to set you free. Choose Supercell 117 and you’ll find your team split across two prison cells, which presents the ultimate choice – do you save yourself or save the team? Fans of The Godfather can try to unravel mafia intrigue and kids will love Jumanji Escape.  

Shopfront of PaniQ Room, Sydney CBD

PaniQ Room, Sydney CBD - Credit: Zoltan Peter

Next Level Escape Room   

The challenges look a bit different at Next Level Escape Room. Rather than escaping from a madman, you’ll be playing the ultimate TV game show, entering a world of living literature or trying to bring a performance of Romeo & Juliet to the stage. Expect lots of laughs alongside those tricky puzzles. 

Next Level Escape Room, Sydney CBD

Credit: Next Level Escape Room

Labyrinth Escape Rooms   

Virus outbreak, insane asylum, cursed circus and Mexican cartel – Labyrinth Escape Rooms offers all the timeless escape room experiences. The first escape room in Parramatta, you’ll need to use your logic and skills to make it out in under 60 minutes. 

Family enjoying day at Labyrinth Escape Rooms, Parramatta

Credit: Labyrinth Escape Rooms

Hijinx Hotel

While not strictly an escape room, the one-of-a-kind Hijinx Hotel will appeal to people looking for a fun challenge. An immersive, interactive game set inside a quirky New York hotel, there are 15 rooms with fairly simple challenges or puzzles that you need to complete in order to move forward. Rooms are themed around board games like Scrabble and Twister, historic events like Titanic, or just crazy concepts like The Floor is Lava. 

Foyer of the Hijinx Hotel, Alexandria

Hijinx Hotel, Alexandria - Credit: Zennieshia Butts

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