Taste Cultural Food Tours


Discover what the foodies know - and where the locals go.

Sydney’s full of secrets: the special places, the secret spots, the hidden gems, where famous food culture really lives. Taste will take you inside; each tour is like a back-stage pass, you’ll discover what the locals know and where the foodies go.

You’ll discover more than just the most amazing places to eat, you’ll also get to share the stories and meet some of the characters who bring their passion the table.

Sydney’s multicultural food scene brings together the cuisines of the world with some of the freshest produce on the planet – the result is unique; brilliant, vibrant and exciting. Come on a tour, meet some of the locals, share some food and leave with a story to tell.

Taste Cultural Food Tours is a charity and social enterprise aiming to build strong social connections and cross-cultural understanding, by bringing the wider community together through their unique food tours.

All profits are invested into supporting new and young Australians, migrants and refugees, into the chosen career paths. They do this by offering training and employment as tour guides in their local area and culture.

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