Shelby's Sidecar Tours


Shelby’s Sidecar Tours offers the chance to take in the spectacular, and off beat sights of Sydney from the comfort of a cool vintage-style sidecar.

One of the first of it’s kind in Australia; modelled on tours in Paris and New York, the experience takes full advantage of the stunning city views and offers riders a variety of routes that allow tourists to experience the best areas of Sydney in style.

The fleet of drivers are handpicked for their expertise and will also provide guests with a wealth of knowledge of local insights – the best shopping, coffee, restaurants and culture to make the experience even more personal.

Tours range from 1.5 hours to four hours in length, or you can book half and full days.

The motorcycles are top-of-the-line Ural motorcycles, vintage in style, but brand new, and fitted with modern technology to create a safe and enjoyable experience. The sidecars themselves are spacious and comfortable, with goggles, helmets and all weather gear.

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