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I Ate My Way Through Lao Food Crawl

I Ate My Way Through's tours are guided culinary tours run by foodies for foodies. They infuse all of their tours with an abundance of local knowledge, incredible eating (and sometimes cooking) experiences and plenty of delicious inspiration for you to take away. They connect you with the hidden gems. Tours operate in and around some of Sydney's most vibrant culinary precincts including Cabramatta, Granville, Harris Park and Chinatown, just to name a few.

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I Ate My Way Through Sydney Farms

Escape the daily grind in Sydney and eat your way through Sydney's countryside! I Ate My Way Through Sydney Farms is an invigorating full day experience that takes you to various farms on Sydney's basin where you'll be able to: Meet real farmers; buy the freshest produce available - just-picked fruit, vegetables and herbs, and handmade jams and honey, and more; savour plentiful tastings along the way; and learn about organic farming practices and see where food comes from! This tour has been designed so that no two tours are the same! You will visit different farms around the Wollondilly area, Penrith Valley, the South Coast and/or the Hawkesbury Nepean region depending on what's in season.
Start Location Penrith South
Duration Customised and Full Day

I Ate My Way Through Cabramatta

Explore Sydney's little Vietnam and taste all of its culinary treasures. Starting with a walking tour, you will be able to familiarise yourself with the main food-shopping precincts and eateries. You will then learn about the delectable flavours of Vietnamese cuisine and discover the best places to eat Vietnamese delights. Vegetarians are welcome! Simply send your email with your booking reference number to enjoy a tailored culinary guide. After the progressive lunch, you will be shown how to shop like a resident foodie. Amy will share her knowledge on Vietnamese groceries and tips on the best places for fruits, vegetables, meats and other culinary bargains.
Start Location Corner of Park Road and Arthur Street Cabramatta
Duration Half Day or Less and Customised

I Ate My Way Through Auburn

Auburn is one of Sydney's most multicultural suburbs, being a popular first place of settlement for newly arrived refugees and migrants. During this progressive lunch, you'll discover the diversity of Middle Eastern cuisine - its exotic flavours, ingredients and some of the best places to shop and eat like a local. Start with Manoush from a Lebanese bakery, featuring a selection of meat, zaatar and shanklish. Then sample mantu, ashak, qabuli lamb pilau and more at an Afghan restaurant. You'll do a walking tour to explore Auburn's main street and eat your way through the grocers with more tastings. This will be followed by a Lebanese banquet of kafta, fried kibbeh, tabouli and sides. The afternoon concludes with dessert tastings of sweets and pastries.
Start Location Auburn West
Duration Half Day or Less and Customised

I Ate My Way Through Laos-in-Sydney

Vastly undiscovered, Lao cuisine is often likened to its better known Thai counterpart. However, like every culture, there are big differences to be discovered and appreciated! During this tour, you will explore the depths of Lao cuisine, with its fresh ingredients and exotic flavours. Your hosts will share some of the most interesting Lao dishes with you, such as sai oua (grilled pork sausages), the national dish of Laos - larb (minced meat salad), desserts including khao neow mark muang (sticky rice and mango), and of course the staple food of Laos - khao neow (sticky rice). You'll even get hands-on in a cooking class and make your own tam maak hoong (Lao green papaya salad).
Start Location campbell street Haymarket
Duration Half Day or Less and Customised

I Ate My Way Through Harris Park

Explore the depths of Indian cuisine, with its unique spices and exotic flavours. Following Ayurvedic traditions, the tour starts on a sweet note with samples of Indian sweets. Next, attendees will have the rare opportunity of going behind the scenes at a restaurant kitchen to enjoy a cooking demonstration of dosa and naan being made on a large griddle and in the tandoor oven respectively. Of course you'll get to taste it too! Then head to a local Indian grocer where Teresa will guide you down the aisles, exploring a range of Indian food items including fresh and frozen foods, grains, rice, spices and snacks. After shopping, rest your feet and feast on an authentic Indian feast, including the much loved Indian street food chaat.
Start Location 91 Wigram Street Harris Park
Duration Half Day or Less and Customised

I Ate My Way Through Chinatown

Located just a short walk south of the Sydney central business district is Haymarket, home to Australia's leading Chinatown. During this tour, you will immerse yourself completely in Chinese culture and cuisine, sampling firsthand the unique palate of foods across China's abundant subcultures. Your hosts will share with you some of the most iconic dishes such as soup dumplings and Peking duck, lesser-known delights like crossing-bridge noodles and Paramash dumplings, and drinks like bubble tea. Then shop at a Chinese grocery store, where you'll explore everyday Chinese items such as fresh and frozen foods, sweets, snacks and ceremonial items for ancestral customs.
Start Location Haymarket
Duration Customised and Half Day or Less