Bondi Aboriginal Walking Tours

Join Aboriginal artist, teacher and performer Walangari Karntawarra (B.A., B.Ed.) on his unique Bondi Aboriginal Walking Tours.

You’ll see ancient Aboriginal Rock Carvings and traditional Aboriginal bush foods and medicines still growing wild in this beautiful coastal locale. Walangari, an Aboriginal elder and Bondi resident, takes great delight in sharing his culture and knowledge.

Hear about the history of Bondi, from its pre-historical geological formation and how the Aboriginal people used its bountiful resources, to its place today as one of the world’s most iconic beaches.
All participants have individual tour guide system headsets, with transmitter facility for a translator.
After a gentle, down-hill walk, the tours finish at the beautiful Bondi Pavilion with a didgeridoo performance.
Option of finishing the tour with a traditional Aboriginal cultural performance by Diramu Aboriginal Dance and Didigeridoo, with audience participation in a dance.
Group Bookings Only.

Support a local Aboriginal owned and operated business and enjoy a unique cultural experience with Walangari Karntawarra.

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