Barefoot Downunder

Barefoot Downunder is a passionate young husband and wife tour operator providing fun adventure day trips from Sydney emphasising on hiking and the outdoors, Aussie culture and off-the-beaten-track unique experiences.

Tours currently explore the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains and the Figure Eight Pools in the Royal National Park. They are an accredited tour operator and National Parks NSW Eco Pass holder and have extensive background in adventure guiding, surf instructing, events and accommodation management.

They provide a true blue Aussie adventure that is fun, relaxed but also safe when needed, informative and personalised so guests can experience the best there is to offer in this beautiful country Australia. They love to get a group of strangers chatting, laughing and making new friendships.

Their team is full of energy and personality, super friendly and knowledgeable about Australia and travel in general, love to laugh and do the odd prank just to keep things light-hearted so if you're up for a bit of fun and adventure then you have come to the right place!