Whats on in Sydney in May

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  1. Kids/Teen Yoga in Sydney

    Wednesday 17 October 2018 to Wednesday 25 September 2019 , Pyrmont

    Kids yoga has so many benefits and its fun! They are extremely passionate about yoga and have always enjoyed working with kids. Their classes are all about kids and work on their cognitive and physical development through creative teaching…

    17 Oct - 25 Sep
  2. Learn to draw with your iPad

    Wednesday 17 October 2018 to Friday 01 April 2022 ,

    In this class, beginners will learn how to use Procreate app or similar drawing apps on their tablets. If you are a new to digital art, drawing on an iPad is the perfect first step. If you are trying and having a hard time using drawing app…

    17 Oct - 01 Apr
  3. Fun pottery class for beginners: Crows Nest

    Wednesday 17 October 2018 to Thursday 28 April 2022 , North Sydney Chatswood

    In this series of three classes, you'll learn wheel throwing, trimming, and glazing basic cylinders. The classes are relaxed and perfect for beginners - you won't feel rushed at all. You'll get detailed demonstrations, and lots of feedback…

    17 Oct - 28 Apr
  4. Cute box making class

    Wednesday 17 October 2018 to Sunday 22 May 2022 ,

    Make your own cute boxes, including three tiered box sets, and decorate with some very pretty paper. All materials supplied, and you'll be guided by a professional box making artist. A great relaxing way to spend a day on a weekend in Syd…

    17 Oct - 22 May
  5. Fun brush lettering calligraphy class

    Wednesday 17 October 2018 to Thursday 01 April 2021 , City Centre

    In this fun workshop, learn the careful and calculated skill of brush lettering, and learn how to perfectly wield the pressure of the pen, to form artistic words, under the detailed guidance of Alena from ‘Moonlight Creation’. You'll cove…

    17 Oct - 01 Apr
  6. Professional Bodyboard Coaching

    Wednesday 17 October 2018 to Friday 27 September 2019 , Cronulla

    Want to increase your skills on a body board? Ride bigger waves? Learn new manoeuvres? They will take you on board and in a few sessions, will have your riding level increased. Michael is a Professional surfer who conducts small groups or…

    17 Oct - 27 Sep
  7. Learn Yoga - Private Yoga class

    Wednesday 17 October 2018 to Thursday 19 September 2019 , Pyrmont

    Yoga saviour offers private yoga classes focusing on breath and alignment , tailor made to your unique needs. Their love of yoga stems from the transformation which takes place not just within the body , but the mind and your very being, n…

    17 Oct - 19 Sep
  8. Learn Hatha Yoga

    Wednesday 17 October 2018 to Thursday 05 September 2019 , Pyrmont

    Maria is a "Personal Trainer" and "Hatha Yoga" instructor. She has obtained her Australian fitness registration as an exercise professional and personal trainer. She believes in giving equal importance on developing strength and flexibilit…

    17 Oct - 05 Sep
  9. Learn to make cocktails!

    Wednesday 17 October 2018 to Sunday 23 March 2025 , Darlinghurst

    Learn to make a variety of cocktails, with guidance from some of Sydney's best mixologists. Master the classics and try the exotics. Drink as you go and have a fantastic evening out that you won't forget, no matter how much you end up drin…

    17 Oct - 23 Mar
  10. Fun Japanese Flower Arranging Class

    Wednesday 17 October 2018 to Saturday 30 April 2022 ,

    Learn about the 'Ikebana', the Japanese classic art of flower arranging, from local expert Setsuko Yanagisawa, who has over 13 years of experience as a florist, and who has received outstanding reviews from her students. Setsuko will patie…

    17 Oct - 30 Apr
  11. Creative bookbinding class

    Wednesday 17 October 2018 to Thursday 26 May 2022 ,

    Learn to make your own books - leather bound, Venetian journals, both simple and intricate designs. Lots of fun and perfect for beginners, with all materials supplied. You'll be guided by an expert, with lots of detailed demonstrations and…

    17 Oct - 26 May
  12. Beach Kayak Tour

    Wednesday 17 October 2018 to Monday 16 September 2019 , Bundeena

    Beach kayak tour with Bundeena Kayaks in southern Sydney. A short guided kayak tour taking in the gorgeous bays and beaches of this picturesque nature lover's paradise. Absolutely perfect for those who haven't kayaked before and would lik…

    17 Oct - 16 Sep
  13. Night photography class: The Rocks

    Wednesday 17 October 2018 to Friday 29 April 2022 , The Rocks

    Enjoy a hands-on learning experience in the beautiful area of The Rocks and its surrounds. If you have a DSLR or hybrid camera that allows for manual control of your camera then this is the perfect course for you. You'll get to shoot Sydne…

    17 Oct - 29 Apr
  14. Flower Crown Group Class

    Wednesday 17 October 2018 to Friday 29 April 2022 , North Sydney Chatswood

    Have a special event coming up? Perhaps a hen's, a birthday, or some other occasion? Create flower crowns with Helen from Lime Tree Bower, who has over 8,000 Instagram followers (for good reason). You'll get to choose from a wide variety…

    17 Oct - 29 Apr
  15. Cambridge Markets EQ

    Wednesday 17 October 2018 to Wednesday 19 June 2019 , Moore Park

    Feast your senses at EQ’s produce and flower markets, which is on every Wednesday and Saturday from 8am – 2pm under The Market Canopy located on The Showring. You can find seasonal produce straight from the farms, hot coffee, beautiful f…

    17 Oct - 19 Jun
  16. Kokedama Class

    Wednesday 17 October 2018 to Thursday 31 March 2022 , Redfern And Waterloo

    Join them in this fun class and learn the art of making unique Japanese inspired Kokedama moss balls. Kokedama has been around for centuries. They're petite plants, living off a ball of special soil and moss, bound by string. You can hang …

    17 Oct - 31 Mar