Introduction to Meditation : Know Your Mind and Learn How to Free Your Mind

Sunday 18 August 2019 (WEEKLY event)


Understanding the human mind and how we can change it to the universe mind.

When you become a master at swimming, no matter how deep the water is, you will be OK.

Likewise if you become a master of your mind, no matter what the situations are, you will be OK.

However, you cannot learn how to swim over night, you cannot learn how to swim by just reading a book about swimming or listen to a good swimmers' story. You actually need to take your body to the water and practice yourself with the right method.

Meditation is about your mind. You can't change your mind by reading books or listening to inspirational stories.

First of all, you need to understand what this "mind' is and then, you need to practice following a precise and clear method of emptying the mind.

The mind is the foundation of your well-being: the most important tool for a healthy and happy life. This introduction offers insight into the mind, the underlying cause of stress, and the solution for living the life you want with true happiness and freedom.

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