Fisher's Ghost 'We could be Heroes' Parade

Saturday 02 November 2019


Celebrating the legend, their city's history and their unique community spirit!

Taking place on the first Saturday of the 10 day festival, the parade has come to be regarded as the official opening of the festival and a fitting way to celebrate the community spirit that the event embodies.

The parade showcases the legend of Fisher's Ghost and the diversity of their local community in a vast array of creative forms, and is an energetic, lively and colourful celebration of Campbelltown City's history and its people.

This year the parade theme is: We could be heroes

Heroes come in many forms from the local SES volunteer helping a neighbour in need to Wonder Woman saving the world. They want you to show them what being a hero means to you.

Maybe you are already part of a group doing great things in the community or simply have been looking for an opportunity to dress up as Batman!

The 2019 Festival of Fisher’s Ghost Parade is coming - will you answer the call?

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