Burrawang Reach Picnic Area


Burrawang Reach picnic area is a popular spot for a picnic or barbecue. Set on the sandy shores of George’s River, you can fish and paddle nearby.

Whether you arrive on your water skis, in your kayak or walk in, this picnic spot won’t disappoint. It’s in the western most part of the park, so you can only get there on water or on a short walk from your vehicle.

Not only is Burrawang Reach picnic area a great spot to pause and moor your vessel, the picnic area is a perfect place to set up for the day, with tall shady trees, safe fishing spots and plenty of birdlife to keep you engrossed for hours.

There’s ample room for a family gathering and you can use the barbecues or bring along a spread to share on the wide stretch of grass. After lunch take a walk along the Ridge track to Cattle Duffers Flat picnic area.

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