Gunjulla Flat Picnic Area


This is a beautiful spot for a quick bite to eat or a stretch of the legs before exploring Australia’s oldest national park, near Waterfall. Gunjulla Flat picnic area, on the western edge of Royal National Park, is a quick and easy pit stop on a day trip or car tour of the park.

Pull up and lay out a picnic spread on one of the tables and enjoy a rustic bush setting. It’s an ideal spot for a breather while road cycling around the park, or a great place if prepping your gear for a day exploring the hinterland. It’s only a short drive along McKell Avenue to Couranga walking track or Forest path.

The surrounding heath attracts birds such as fantail cuckoos, pigeons and quails. In the spring, when the heath erupts with wildflowers, you might see honey eaters and wattlebirds feeding on the banksias. Remember to take your binoculars if you want to birdwatch.

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