Lindsay and Edmunds Chocolatier Cafe


Lindsay and Edmunds is a boutique Australian Chocolatier and cafe in one. Visit the cafe and watch the chocolate being made through the big glass window featured in the cafe. Enjoy an organic coffee and light meal or pattiserie, and browse Lindsay and Edmunds organic, Fairtrade chocolate range.

Their commitment to using the finest ingredients, starting with one of the worlds leading single origin Belgian organic chocolates, means their chocolates taste pretty amazing too. All Lindsay and Edmunds chocolates are gluten free. The dark couverture chocolate is dairy free, which means many of the handmade dark chocolates are suitable for vegan and dairy free diets.

Chocolate classes are held on Saturdays at 9.30am and 11.30am. Come and have fun learning the secrets of handmade gourmet chocolate. Chocolate class vouchers are available at Warriewood Square shopping centre, Jacksons Road, seven days a week, or at the Cafe.

Sample the chocolate at Warriewood Square and the patisserie.

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