Stained Glass Painting Workshop

Monday 09 December 2019 to Monday 23 December 2019


In this four hour workshop you will learn the technique of stained glass painting and make a suncatcher.

They will demonstrate the technique of stained glass painting, technique of applying outliner on the glass, as well as mixing different mediums and then guide you as you make your very own exciting and unique hand painted Suncatcher that you'll be proud to hang in your house.

To begin you will learn about glass and ceramics painting in general, as well as materials and techniques which can be used to achieve various results. Then using stencils, which will be provided, you will transfer this pattern on glass using outliner and special glass paints.

You'll then choose some beads and feathers that you like and use them to decorate your suncatcher.

Please note that listed time for this workshop is very flexible.

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