James Rose Unique Accommodation Hawkesbury


James Rose is the culmination of their passion for stylish, understated interiors and their extraordinary ability to restore a building back to its former glory. Together they create beautiful spaces that you get to enjoy.

When you stay with them you will see that nothing is uniform. Every living area has been lovingly designed to ensure your comfort. Unique pieces can be found throughout the rooms at each of their properties, giving them a level of warmth and comfort that you do not get in a hotel room.

Step outside and the building that you are staying in is as unique as the rooms inside it. Stop for a minute and imagine the stories that these charming and exceptional buildings could tell you.

That is where they are different. They want where you stay to be as special as what you do, when you get the opportunity to get away.

They welcome you to James Rose Unique Accommodation.

James Rose Unique Accommodation is Cuppitts Cottage Windsor, Windsor Cottage, Windsor, Gardners Cottage, Richmond and The Chapel, Ebenezer.

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