Blueberry Hills On Comleroy


Blueberry Hills on Comleroy offers a rural retreat on a 14-acre farm with beautiful views and natural surrounds from its ridge-top position. Only a little over an hour drive to the north-west of Sydney, it provides an ideal place to escape the bustle of city life. One can delight in the tranquil atmosphere amongst the rolling foothills of the Blue Mountains, where sheep, alpacas, and horses graze. It is the perfect setting for those who are looking for a brief, relaxing getaway.

Unwind in the garden, take a walk around the farm, pick fresh blueberries from the orchard, feed the animals, have a picnic by the dam or simply relax in the cosy lounge room.

Located on historic Comleroy Road, the oldest settlement in the Hawkesbury area from the late 1700s/ early 1800s, just a short drive away discover original buildings from the era still standing nearby.

Enjoy bush walking, swimming, canoeing, or pack a basket and have a picnic in one of the neighbouring National Parks or along one of the three major rivers in the area.

Nearby cafes, restaurants, antique shops, and charming scenery also combine to make any visit a pleasant and interesting one.

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