Smalti Mosaic Workshop

Saturday 31 August 2019


Join sculptor Caitlin Hepworth in this hands on Smalti Mosaic Workshop. Smalti is an ancient mosaic medium that came to prominence during the Byzantine Era. It is an opaque coloured glass made especially for mosaics and is made in much the same way today as it was several thousand years ago.

During the workshops students will learn about working with both Mexican Smalti and Italian Smalti. They will start by making a small smalti sampler that explores different ways to cut and lay the medium and then will complete a small smalti mosaic with cement-based adhesive using the direct method.

Students can choose from a number of set designs or create their own. The designs are structured to be achievable within the time frame and to give scope to a number of smalti cuts and andamento styles etc. Mosaic will remain ungrouted to retain the beautiful surface qualities of the smalti.

Workshop ticket includes lunch and tea/coffee.

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