Mosaic Magic Evenings

Wednesday 04 September 2019 to Wednesday 25 September 2019


Get a taste of mosaic at the all you can visually eat buffet laid on after hours every Wednesday night throughout September at Susie's Studio in Galston. You'll be amazed at how much you can create and learn in 2.5 hours with mosaic artist and experienced tutor, Susanna Mills. Don't waste a single moment more of your time sat in front of the evil rectangle and all its digital mutations!

Choose a base, grab some glue, curate a handful of magical glass tiles then learn how to use a glass cutting tool to break, bend and blend them to your will. Add a dash of gentle artistic nudging from your tutor, and you could be on your way to a much more constructive creative addiction!

As time is limited, novice mosaic-ers will get a brief overview of cutting skills, followed by choosing materials and then getting straight into it. Experienced mosaic-ers can focus on with their artworks, and your tutor will check in with your progress.

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