Gluten Free Japanese Cooking Class

Sunday 22 September 2019 to Sunday 17 November 2019


This class will teach you how to enjoy my favourite Japanese foods on a gluten free diet. Through the combination of traditional gluten free dishes Japan has to offer, as well as re-creating wheat based Japanese foods, without the gluten with locally-sourced ingredients.

You will be taught by Sumi Saikawa, a dietitian with a passion for food and teaching that has led to running cooking classes for over 25 years in Sydney and back home in Japan.

The classes will follow the typical Japanese home cooking style 'Ichi Jyu Sansai'. This follows the foundation of Japanese cuisine since ancient times where meals consist of one type of soup and three other dishes (one main dish and two sides).

In fact, ichi means one and ju means soup, while san is three and sai refers to dishes—so ichiju-sansai literally means, "One soup, three dishes." Rice and pickles are always served as well.

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