Red Meat Masterclass

Tuesday 19 November 2019 to Thursday 19 December 2019


In this hands-on class you will learn the skills and gain the knowledge of a professional chef to create a restaurant-worthy steak dish.

By the hand of your expert teacher, you'll prepare a pan fried New York steak delicately topped with a tomato concasse and garlic flavoured red wine reduced sauce served with herbed lentil rice pilaff and blanched asparagus (or broccoli).

For this class perfect for beginners and food enthusiasts, you will learn what it takes to master the art of pan frying steak, the pilaf cooking rice method, sauce making techniques (which go hand in hand with good steak cooking) and gain chef skills to effectively marrying up the different components of the menu to create a hearty meal in a systematic and timely manner.

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