Beach Burrito Company Coogee


Beach Burrito is a relaxed, affordable and healthy Fast Casual Californian style Mexican restaurant group.

Mixing Australian beach side culture with fast yet healthy Cali-Mex food, Beach Burrito is a fun and laid back eatery that feels welcoming to all.

Happy, friendly staff provide excellent food and beverages, and sensational levels of customer service.

Everyone who joins their team becomes a part of the Beach Burrito family, creating a great sense of community within the company.

Each restaurant has its own personality custom to its local environment with no two restaurants alike.

Standing out in the crowd for all the right reasons, Beach Burrito Co is constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional restaurant paradigms to remain at the head of the pack. Beach Burrito Company considers itself a market leader both as a fast casual restaurant offering great Mexican cuisine as well as a well known, respected brand name within the art, skate, surf, snow and music communities throughout Australia and the world.

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