The French Wine and Cheese Feast returns to The Rocks

Thursday 11 July 2019 to Sunday 14 July 2019


Have you ever wondered why the French spend so much time around the table? Truth is, it’s all about wine and cheese, and the French philosophy for this is simple: Good wine, good cheese, and good people makes for a good day!

Hosted in the Rocks for the first time in 2018, The Wine and Cheese Feast will be returning in 2019 for a truly French eating and drinking experience.

Over two hours, a passionate Sommelier will take you on a wonderful journey through France’s finest wine and cheese regions, sharing valuable information, such as:

How to taste wine like a pro?
How to read a French wine label?
How to pair wine and cheese?
What is the best temperature to serve the different cheeses and wines?
How to become familiar with the main French wine regions?

The cheese experience will be intense with a panel of different kinds of cheese: white or blue, aged or fresh, soft or hard - they'll all be there and each one will match a wine. An olfactive experience.

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