Karisma Cruises


Karisma Cruises is about setting a new standard on the Harbour with every element of your event. They want to ensure that they are your number one go-to Harbour cruise company and are the leaders in holding the most enjoyable Sydney Harbour private charters.

With new, uniquely designed boats, you and your guests will feel spoilt with comfort and luxury as if you were in a five star restaurant, but on the water with a world class 360 degree uninterrupted view. Even better!

To match that modern luxury feel, the fresh, gourmet food cooked by their onboard chefs and their local and international beverage list will ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy and rave about.

Finally, in addition to this, enjoy the service by the friendly and accommodating staff that you will wish you could take home with you (no exaggeration, they have been asked a few times!) .

From start to finish, your private charter booking is so easy and enjoyable, you will be left with a vivid memory of what planning a special Sydney Harbour cruise should be like, every time.

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