The Life Of Us

Tuesday 21 January 2020 to Sunday 09 February 2020


100 Coffees Productions and Neil Gooding Productions are thrilled to announce the World Premiere of the new musical, The Life of Us. Directed by Neil Gooding, this modern-day musical written by Ashleigh Taylor, composed and written by Ben Bennett and mentored by the legendary Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pippin, Godspell), is being performed at Hayes Theatre Co.

The Life of Us follows the long-distance romance of Charlie and Ellie. Forced apart by circumstance, they maintain their relationship through technology, but how much connection can a person truly feel through a screen? As you watch their lives unfold and their relationships crumble, you begin to understand what people want isn’t always what they need. The Life of Us is a modern-day musical that looks at how people love and what it means to be connected.

Australia‘s new, ground-breaking musical has the extraordinary ability to express universal feelings of love and heartbreak within a deeply affecting and intimate musical. With a knockout, emotionally powerful score that will hook you from the first note, this original production is raw, heart-wrenching and honest. If you are, have been, or hope to be in love, this show is for you.

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