Artspace Sydney

Artspace is where audiences meet the artists and the ideas of these times.

Artspace was established in 1983 as an artist-run contemporary art space dedicated to the presentation of contemporary and experimental art in a critical context. In response to ever-increasing demand for space by artists, Artspace relocated in 1992 to their current location at the Gunnery in Woolloomooloo; a site renowned for its rich history as a former naval facility and then later in the 1970s as an artists' squat that hosted studios, performances, and exhibitions.

Since this time, Artspace has become a recognised site for the production and presentation of visual arts in an expanded field, with an emphasis on the creation of new work. Across their platforms, Artspace encourages new ideas, risk, and experimentation. Independent, not-for-profit, non-collecting, critically engaged, collaborative, and curatorially driven, Artspace is focused on supporting the development and presentation of contemporary art.

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  1. Alice In Slasherland

    Thursday 25 April 2019 to Saturday 11 May 2019 , Potts Point And Woolloomooloo

    Lewis Diaz is in love with his best friend, which would be fine if he didn't accidentally open a ​literal ​gateway to hell while trying to chat her up at a party. Now, with every imaginable kind of demon, monster, and killer ravaging his…

    25 Apr - 11 May
  2. Blue Free Film Event

    Thursday 25 April 2019 to Thursday 06 June 2019 , Potts Point And Woolloomooloo

    Half of all marine life has been lost in the last 40 years. If people don’t make drastic changes, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.  Blue is a film about how the oceans are broken, and what can be done to fix them…

    25 Apr - 06 Jun