Science show: Destination moon and beyond!

Tuesday 09 July 2019 to Thursday 11 July 2019 (DAILY event)


Discover the real story behind one of humanity's greatest feats and an insight into the planet's place in the universe in this space-jamming science extravaganza.

What was Australia’s vital supporting role in the Apollo 11 landing? How do spacecrafts turn in space? What would happen to an astronaut if they didn't wear a spacesuit? Why does the moon change throughout the month? These questions and more will be explored in this cosmic science show full of demonstrations that will blow your mind!

From trajectories and orbits to roaring rocketry and materials science, they’ll look at current and future space programs, operations and missions.

Best for kids aged: six-twelve years and accompanying adults

Presented by Fizzics Education.

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