Saint-Saëns’ Organ Symphony

Thursday 18 July 2019 to Friday 19 July 2019

A star of the operatic stage and the concert hall, mezzo-soprano Susan Graham is renowned for her interpretation of elegant French songs, which she performs with insight and affection.

She’s the ideal exponent of Canteloube’s jewel-like settings of dreamy, funny folk songs from the Auvergne region. His Songs of the Auvergne include the famous ‘Baïlero’, in which shepherd and shepherdess sing their love across the valleys.

The finale of Saint-Saëns’ ‘Organ’ Symphony pulls out all the stops in one of the most exultant of big tunes for full orchestra and the Concert Hall’s Grand Organ. But there are many other delightful moments in Saint-Saëns’ perfectly constructed magnum opus: rippling pianos, sparkling woodwinds and voluptuous strings from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Chabrier’s España is an irresistible sun-drenched visit to Spain – an image of guitars and flamenco sketched in the brightest colours.

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