Mother's Day Perfume Walk

Sunday 12 May 2019

A unique and memorable Mother's Day in the Royal Botanic Garden.

Treat your mother, wife, daughter, or any special woman in your life to a unique and memorable Mother's Day spent in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney unravelling the mysteries of perfume while exploring the most fragrant plants found in the Garden.

Join perfume consultant Catherine du Peloux Menage, who will discuss the sense of smell, the science of scent, the history of perfume, and the creation of some of the most famous perfumes ever produced. Catherine has developed a practice as a scent stylist, speaker, and writer on perfume and the sense of smell, speaking on everything from the history of perfume to historical scents and stinks in the works of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens.

The talk will be complemented by a walk through the Royal Botanic Garden with Mary Threlfall, who once worked for the fashion house Schiaparelli and managed the launch of new fragrances. She will explore the natural scents of the Garden, explaining how plants use scents to attract pollinators and examining scents in the Garden including peppermint, lemon myrtle, lavender, patchouli, and more.

Includes afternoon tea on the Foundation and Friends Terrace.

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