Hand Made Fettucine and Pesto Genovese Class

Sunday 29 September 2019


Calling all pasta lovers! Join them in learning all the tips and tricks to turn you into a regular pasta aficionado.

Take a side trip to Liguria via The Quay and create the most famous of all pesto's that only can be made better with hand made pasta and glass of vino - Salute!

The Pesto Genovese Recipe was born in Liguria, a beautiful region situated in the north of Italy and nowadays it’s famous all over the world.

Compare the traditional and modern techniques to create a pesto that will complement everything you pair with it, and in this class it will be perfectly matched with a hand made Pasta flavoured with saffron.

Working alongside your class companions you will learn techniques, tips and tricks to kneading perfect dough then rolling it out using a pasta machine to create an amazing flavoured Fettucine.

You will also enjoy an entree of Meats and Cheeses earlier on and then class will conclude with a sit down meal of the homemade Pesto and Pasta you have created and a glass of vino.

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