Garden Design Series with Nicola Cameron

Wednesday 17 June 2020


The Garden Design Series lectures are a must for anyone interested in how nature, beauty and functionality can complement each other in gardens from small urban courtyards to big country estates.

This year's series feature four inspiring women in the garden design space who will each share their knowledge, ideas and experience. Topics cover will include the importance of outdoor spaces that transform, restore and soothe the soul, as well as therapeutic gardens and the relationship between beauty, care and cultural, social and environmental sustainability.

Nicola specialises in creating outdoor spaces that transform, restore and soothe the soul. She founded Pepo Botanic Design and is committed to developing and maintaining residential gardens, including the grounds of Waverley Council’s historic Bronte House. Join Nicola for insights into how thoughtful garden design impacts wellbeing and why it is essential to immerse ourselves in the restorative embrace of our gardens. She will also talk about why it is necessary as a society to integrate more greenery into public spaces.

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