Flowers and Leaves Art Class with Annie Hughes

Monday 14 October 2019 to Wednesday 16 October 2019 (DAILY event)


In this three day workshop, you will be taken through the basic steps of observation, drawing, colour mixing and matching to subject, and finally painting. You will also be shown the wet-on-wet method Annie uses to achieve a smooth finish to your painting.

Includes morning tea, and lunch on the Foundation and Friends Terrace.

About the tutor: Annie Hughes
Annie moved to Botanical Art in 2005 after a career in Textile Design, after many exiting and successful years encompassing a variety of techniques and very demanding disciplines, the change to Botanical work was an easy and highly rewarding one.

An eye for detail and composition make her work unique, from very intricate and complicated subjects to large over sizes paintings with flawless washes have become her signature.

Another of her passions is the collecting and illustrating of insects, which she incorporates into her paintings, this led to a commission for the well known Coca-Cola Amatil Co, involving the illustration of a butterfly and other insects to be used in the Mount Franklin Water advertising campaign.

Her work has been exhibited since 2005 receiving many prestigious awards.

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