Bronze Lands (Tailte cré-Umha)

Tuesday 21 January 2020


Forget the bombast and propriety of a traditional organ recital. Lie down in the spectacular Centennial Hall as sound artist Robert Curgenven immerses you in his awe-worthy colours and sonic textures through the Sydney Town Hall organ – built in 1890 and still the greatest instrument of its kind.

In Tailte Cré-Umha (Bronze Lands) Curgenven takes inspiration from Bronze Age sea navigation, drawing on his heritage (his name is Cornish) and the history of Ireland’s relations with Cornwall and Europe. 5000 years ago, Ireland’s copper and Cornwall’s tin traversed the continent to make bronze. This historical reference point underpins the structure for a composition that reflects navigational routes across land and sea, by the stars, sun and moon.

Luminous and meditative, Curgenven’s music exploits the possibilities of the organ: from delicate, whistling tones to subterranean depths. It’s a 50-minute modern musical journey designed for pipe organ, decibel-boosting sound system and the physical space of the hall, creating a sound experience that’s aural, architectural and physical.

This performance is experienced lying down – cushioned mats are provided

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